Аксессуары Eloam VM800AF

Документ камера Eloam VM800AF Image sensor 5 Mega pixels Resolution 2592*1944 Frame Rate 30fps 1080P Scan size A4 Speed 1second Image color 24 Bit Sensor CMOS

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Product description
1. Android-based platform development, super portable and fashion
2. Flexible camera arm& head, multi-direction capture and presentation
3. Connect with TV, projector, monitor and PC through HDMI/VGA/USB2.0 interface in different condition. 
4. Integrate with convenient operation button for scanning, zoom in /out and etc
5. Multiple USB interfaces, support SD card, WIFI, 3G (reserved), Safety lock, Headphone jack and RJ45 interface. Etc. 

1. Flexible arm to capture different height objects
2. Rotation amera head for wide-angle image capture
3. Folded box-shaped design for easy carry. 
4. Capable of connecting a microscope

Product software Function
1. Almighty shoot. 
Being able to scan books, notes, homework, test paper, handwritten teaching plan, experimental device etc. 

2. HD image display
Can demonstrate the completely scanning image and can also enlarge the partial image to maximum, bringing more convenient for teaching. 

3. Move and drag
When the contents of presentation exceed the show window, you only need simply hold down the mouse to move and drag the image to anywhere. 

4. Synchronous recording audio, video and screen
The camera and microphone equipped can synchronously achieve multimedia video-recording and screen-recording. 

5. File management
Support the flexible creation of multiple folders. Manage various scannings efficiently

6. High-speed video demonstration
High-speed demonstrate real-time video, capture image smoothly and display full-screen image, the teacher can be more vivid to display various experimental operation. 

7. Image editing processing
Can zoom, rotate, adjust contrast and brightness, add painting brush, segment and recombine images, which makes more convenient for teachers to demonstrate lectures. 

8. One-click shift screen
Shift screen function makes it possible to promptly switch the software working interface to PPT, video player, desktop and etc. 

9. Can display 2 or 4pcs pictures on screen synchronously
Teachers can display 2 or 4pcs pictures on screen synchronously and can rotate, zoom picture separately. It will be more convenient for comparison teaching. 

10. Students archives management
Scan students' homework, test paper etc; Build database for every student. Teachers can check, compare and analyse students' study condition from database directly. 

11. Electronic whiteboard
Multiple operations include add, copy, cut, paste of the images, text, linear, rectangular tables etc. It will replace the traditional blackboard to save your time and effort. 

12. OCR recognition
Eloam owns advanced OCR technology. Can recognize characters, tables, symbols; Supported more than 180 kinds of languages, accuracy rate up to 98%, after OCR, directly save as word files. 

13. Segmentation and recombination
Teachers can segment and recombine images while teaching, it will be more vivid and clearly

14. PDF convertion
Images convert to pdf file under one-click, they can be checked on different equipments.

Brand Name Eloam
Model VM800AF
Image sensor 5 Mega pixels
Resolution 2592*1944
Frame Rate 30fps 1080P
Scan size A4
Speed 1second
Image color 24 Bit
Sensor CMOS
LED light Natural+LED Supplement light
Document format PDF/WORD/TXT
Video format AVI/WMV
Interface VGA ,USB2.0
OCR More than 180 kinds of languages
Limited Warranty 12 Months
System Requirements
CPU P4,Windows XP,MS Direct 9.0,Vista,Win7,Win8
Image Processing Brightness,Contrast,Sharpness,Saturation,Gamma,Rotation,Mirroring,etc
Package Contents Document scanner, CD-ROM, Presentation Pad,USB-cable, Users Manual
Certificate CE\RoHs\FCC

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2019-01-07 01:18:38

Добрый вечер! подскажите пожалуйста, почему в описании проектора epson tw5650 разные цифры контрастности указаны ( 60000 и более 10000??). как это понимать?

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